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Mark is a hard working professional…With the constant rollout of the hospital’s enterprise medical information network, vendors and engineers always remarked about his wonder installations. The neatness for important air flow, clean terminations and unique documentation…His profile will always be a talented, honest man that cares. A person who will always stand by his work and stand by you during any challenge. Mark was one that was recognized by the hospital for his creative and dedicated work.

Alan H.

Dir. of Network & Communication

I just wanted to reach out again and thank you for your phenomenal work. Starting a Veterinary Clinic from scratch with a major renovation is no small feat, but knowing that all of our IT work was in your hands was a massive relief. From protecting your wires during construction, to building a beautiful IT tower, to exceptional attention to detail, your part of the job was our favorite! Not to mention helping us build cages on the weekend when you just happened to be there working on something else…you are one of a kind! Now that we have been open for a few weeks, I can say with confidence that we have not had a single glitch in anything you have installed for us and workflow and patient care are better for it. Thank you for everything.

Jennifer L.

CareFur Veterinarians, Madison CT